October 2, 2020

How to nominate

How to Nominate

If you have any further questions, see our FAQs. If you need help with your nomination form, please call us at (868) 623-1841 extension 257 or email champions@angostura.com

Rules for Nominations:

  • The nominee must be an individual, 18 years and over and a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. Groups, organisations and NGOs will not be considered.
  • Self-nomination will not be considered.
  • The nominee’s contribution must be continuous during the period 2020.
  • The nominee must not have been previously selected for an award or recognition of their service.
  • Persons who submit a nomination must be 18 years and over.
  • Nominees may be contacted to verify their information or to provide additional information as it pertains to the nomination.

Submit your Nomination:

  • To submit your nomination please fill out the nomination form online and click “Submit” OR download and print the nomination form, fill it out and submit it to us at
    House of Angostura
    Corner Eastern Main Road and
    Trinity Avenue
    Trinidad & Tobago

    Angostura Solera Wines & Spirits
    C3 Centre and St. Clair,
    Trinidad & Tobago

  • Remember to provide all required contact information for yourself and your nominee, along with a detailed description of your nominee’s community service work.
  • By submitting a nomination form you and your nominee agree to the use of its contents, without compensation, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing all matters related to the Angostura Champions and/or its Sponsors in any medium
  • Angostura Champions will receive financial support for their causes

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